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Transportation in Dubai – Dubai Transport
Dubai Jewel countries Persian Gulf and Alath, it hosts a day of large numbers of tourists and travelers who are detractors Rahal them both for tourism and leisure or for business interests and trade, which is no doubt that many travelers think of ways Moaslah in Dubai and their prices, and we can be mentioned in This report something about this Moaslah convenience of Arab tourists to go and have a general idea of Moaslah in Dubai in order to avoid any embarrassment when he arrived and would facilitate tourism in Dubai .
Dubai is to separate two roads because of a long stream, so the water taxi Aa ideal starting point for tourists to see Atjhat the city, as it is an opportunity for impressive modern architectural building in Dubai.

Transportation in Dubai
Means of transportation in Dubai, clear and multi-understood in the leadership within Dubai city center. There was crowned as the railways.
Dubai Transport within the city
You can choose any of the means of transport in Dubai, both buses or taxis and vehicles minivan. And keep the prices of these Moaslah reasonable, and on the taxi within the city, it does not exceed 15 dirhams. Taximeter opens at 3 dirhams during the day and until 10 pm and after 10 p.m. taximeter opens at 3.50 dirhams.
It also means of transport in Dubai to find rental car movements, and advised anyone who has a number of endeavors, as they are not expensive, as you will not know Ainafa Tgdo great places and roads, as Gunn tract clear and the roads in very good condition. Note: Be careful of rotation and turns of the road because of the seriousness of beauty roaming.

Dubai metro was inaugurated on the 9th of September 2009 by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The city’s metro is driverless, fully automated metro rail network in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai.

Purchasing Dubai Metro tickets is available online and through ticket offices that exist in:

Airport terminal 1
Airport terminal 2
Airport terminal 3
Al Ghubaiba Bus Station
Gold Souq Bus Station
Jebel Ali Bus Station
Sabkha Bus Station

For more information about fares, stations and new services please visit Dubai Metro websites:


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