Carter’s in Dubai


Carter’s – Is a very stylish restaurant/bar, that offers some of the most amazing deals you will find anywhere in Dubai. Located inside the AMAZING Pyramid complex, at Wafi City, this stylish bar named after the famous Egyptologist Howard Carter opens for lunch at 12 and closes its’ doors at 2 am and 3 am Thursdays. As the evening progresses the restaurant slowly transforms into one of the hottest bars in town, and a DJ starts playing at 10 until finish. The bar attracts a lot of experts, and does get very busy, especially on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. It is advised to arrive by 9 pm if you are looking for the bar as screening does take place at the door after this, and that way you will avoid any possible disappointment or a long wait in the queue. Carter’s is also the only Oxygen Bar in Dubai with a 20 minute shot of pure O2 costing 70 Dhs, they do offer aromatic Oxygen for those that actually want to taste something ! As mentioned this great bar offers some of the best deals in town; Sunday night ALL house Cocktails are a staggeringly low 10 Dhs – All night with no catches ! Tuesday is Happy Hour night where all the house drinks are also 10 Dhs ALL night long, a pint of beer pushes it’s way up to the 12 Dhs ! As if this were not enough, Wednesday is Ladies Night, where women enjoy one free drink and then after that a special deal of buy 1 get 2 all night. If you are going to Carter’s on an evening when one of the above mentioned deals in not running then the drinks are priced reasonably, as an example a pint of beer will cost 18 Dhs, which is pretty much the average in Dubai. The dress code is described as ‘presentable’, but note that shorts are not permitted in the evenings. We highly recommend this bar when you are in Dubai, even if it is just for one evening, a visit to the Pyramid centre is worthwhile by itself, and it may be a good idea to carry your camera with you as first time visitors are sure to be amazed.


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