Champions in Dubai


Champions : Located at the JAW Marriott, Champions is an excellent place to go to watch major live sporting events such as Football (or soccer as Americans call it), Rugby, and large boxing matches. The bar is open daily from 12 until 2 in the morning, except for Fridays when it is open from 6pm until 2am. Happy hour runs from 6pm – 8pm daily and offers all regular drinks at only 12 Dhs. A pint of beer in regular hours will cost 19 Dhs and a glass of house wine 18 Dhs. The bar is large and has television sets all over with one enormous screen in the centre to ensure that you do not miss any important action no matter where you are. The bar is popular with resident experts and locals who follow sport and is a great place to watch any sporting event. Champions does serve food and it comes in copious amounts. Good place to watch sports.


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