Dubai Weather


Enjoy the Emirate of Dubai and sisters from the United Arab Emirates radiant sun throughout the year. And Dubai, under a tropical climate with the dry heat of the summer months (May-October) accompanied by high humidity near the coast where temperatures exceed 40 degrees Celsius. The mild winter (November – April) enjoying a nice temperature ranging from 10 to 30 degrees Celsius.






Occurred on a coastal strip bordered by desert, Dubai, the weather becomes warm humid in the summer. They enjoy the warm light of the sun for 365 days, the weather is much colder at night and rain was falling apart in the winter months from November to April. Temperatures ranging between 10 degrees Celsius 48 degrees Celsius. The temperature is 24 degrees in January rising to 42 in July. Dubai is located in the timing of more than 4 hours, GMT (GMT +4).


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