Planetarium in Dubai


10173616-hrh-princess-haya-bint-al-hussein-is-given-guided-tour-of-childrens-cityPlanetarium : With Kasbah (reviewed above) and Planetarium possibly sharing the limelight as the best in town, it is very much down to individual choice and preference, as they are both very different in style and ambiance. The Planetarium has very strict membership and entrance regulations allowing entrance only to Members, Ladies and Couples. Entrance is free except on special occasions. The club is located next to the Pyramid center mentioned above (see Carter’s and is open daily from 11 pm but really only gets going from 11.30/12 onwards and closes at 3 am. The busiest nights are Sunday (two drinks for the price of one, Tuesday, and Thursday with Tuesday being Ladies night, where ladies are offered two free drinks before 1am and all cabin crew get a special 50% discount all night. The club is closed Saturday’s.


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