The introduction of prompt collection of technical faculties of Dubai for students


Dubai – recently joined more than 115 students from the Higher Colleges of Technology – Dubai Men’s College faculties and students their programs academic – in the disciplines of Business Administration, Information Technology and Engineering – After the year passed and Medina, Islam’s founding (which consists of two semesters) to separate one school.

The students managed to pass the foundation stage during the first quarter of the current academic year in record time through the prompt collection of the constituent phase is one semester to move immediately after the first year of bachelor’s degree in different disciplines, including 58 students from Dubai Women’s College and 57 of the Dubai Men’s College .

Student, said Amina Saleh: “I knew when my acceptance of the Dubai Women’s College that the founding phase will continue for a whole year. So it was really pleasant surprise to excel and most successful in the Foundation Stage shortcut to one semester and then joined the undergraduate program in information technology so quickly. I speak English well. but I need the development of my abilities in mathematics. “

, “Said student Abdel-Kader Dubai Men’s College said the school did the right thing when giving priority to students not requiring them to study the foundation stage for a year and they really do not need it. He added: “I always wanted to study engineering but my father was saying that the study of mathematics difficult. Fortunately, the Dubai Men’s College provided me the opportunity to improve my skills in mathematics quickly. Now the engineering program after passing the Foundation Stage through the prompt collection.”

The idea received a prompt collection also supported by the kidneys as part of the teachers believed Doaj Harrison of the Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Dubai for students to select one semester for students to succeed in the foundation stage is a step in the right direction. He said: “In general, all students seeking to go immediately to the field of study who have their choice, but students disagree with each other and need each of them to different periods of study to acquire English language skills and mathematics to prepare them for program specialization. In the past, in our foundation stage specific for one year, and we apply the method say that the same thing works for all. With the introduction of the prompt collection we realized that the abilities of students vary among them.. also differ in their speed of progress. “

Said Janet Watts, President of the Foundation Stage Dubai Women’s College: “Another advantage is that we have identified points of entry for the specialized programs per semester instead of every year. We can also determine what each student needs in order to achieve the admission requirements. For example, if the applicant does not need a lot of education in the English language, but it needs a lot in the area of mathematics we can apply a flexible method to provide that through the program one semester. “

And Dubai Men’s College vision with regard to innovative curriculum for students in the program prompt collection of the constituent phase. The Phil Lodge, head of the establishment phase and the English Language, Faculty of Dubai Men’s integration of studies and public awareness of heritage and history and culture in the program. He says that: “our teachers adopting and developing a very practical approach and cooperation with the Heritage Center in Dubai to encourage students to build a tabernacle of Nakheel’s grandparents like these students are using. In the beginning, the students measure of uncertainty but in the end they could work perfectly as a team and were able to resolve many of the problems faced and realized that life was much more difficult in the past. The goal is to make education fun and download some of the students the actual responsibility. “

And in general feel of the kidneys – Dubai Women’s College and Dubai Men’s College – that the introduction of the prompt collection of the constituent phase has achieved unparalleled success as Brian Keenan Academic Dean of the Faculty of Dubai Women, “the students enrolled in the program if they have a great sense of the possibility of access to early stimulation specialty programs, which contributed to the achievement of a high success rate of students involved. We plan to implement this program and expand in the next academic year. “


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