The Junction Previously


The Junction Previously – known as Ned Kelly’s can be found at the Century Hotel Dubai (which was previously known as the Dubai Marine Hotel). The bar is now operated by a South African and has changed quite a lot, now offering a lot more staff, many of whom are from South Africa, and even a South African band which plays classical rock and pop music daily from 9 until close with breaks filled in by a DJ. The bar is open seven days a week from 12 (midday) until 2:30am, Happy Hour which is 13Dhs for a regular drink (including a pint of beer) runs from midday until 7pm. After Happy hour the bar has a multitude of different promotions that run daily, such as Ladies night on Sunday’s and Tuesday’s, where ladies enjoy two free drinks, a “Lads” night where men benefit from 1 free drink and even an airline crew’s night on Thursday where Airline crew are given three free drinks. All these promotions are aimed at bringing in the crowds and especially the women, even as Ned Kelly’s, the bar was not the most popular in town. Having said that the bar is a nice comfortable place for a drink and the changes the management have made, make the new bar a lot more appealing. The Junction also serves food with some very traditional English fare available such as Liver and Onions for just 32 Dhs.


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