Excursion. Night Safari in the desert


nochnoe-safari-13.thumbNight Safari (in Arabic means a journey) – a unique opportunity to spend an unforgettable night under the stars in the Arabian desert. You can feel what a huge difference from the city nights.

For the Arabian desert nomads always been like home. In its sand dunes and they were born, led their caravans, lived an ordinary and simple life, and here ended his earthly journey predestined. In the desert has its own character – he’s a tough but at the same time, and soft. Desert – a unique, unique, beautiful. In its loose sands obscure distant past, live the present and anticipate slightly uncertain future. Anyone who has visited at least once in the desert, she beckons again and again by its mysteries and riddles.

None of your visit to the United Arab Emirates should not be considered complete without a trip to the Arabian desert. If you have a strong irresistible desire to become better acquainted with the mysterious desert and its inhabitants, night safari – a great opportunity for the realization of this dream a reality.

You umchites away from the boring city life and take a trip through the desert in a time when the sand dunes may be seen in an incredibly addictive game of light and shadows of the setting sun.

Night Safari will be for you a real adventure. Even in the air reigns the spirit of adventure. A trip to the sand dunes up and down almost vertically on the powerful and rapid jeep just seems dangerous and difficult, but in reality, it is very interesting and completely safe, thanks to the great experience and professionalism drivers. Riding in jeeps lasts about two hours.

After a breathtaking ride on the four-wheel drive jeep, you will have the opportunity to sit on top of one of the tallest and most beautiful dunes, admire the breathtaking sunset at the moment when the sun slips into the horizon begins to paint all around the orange glow.

In the Bedouin camp You can also communicate closely with the amazing “ships of the desert” – camels to ride on them and be sure to take a picture. And you can make wonderful pictures in the national costume of the Bedouins.

In the oasis in the desert, Bedouin Camp offers traditional Arabic hospitality and warm welcome. Bedouin camp built and equipped in accordance with the true Arabic tradition. In a special tent you can sit comfortably at low embroidered cushions on the carpet and quench your thirst with a real Arabic coffee or tea. You will enjoy a delicious dinner Arab – you will offer several types of barbecue, cooked in front of you on an open fire, a traditional Arab barbecue, a variety of cold snacks, delicious oriental sweets, fresh fruits and vegetables.

After a hearty dinner, you can smoke hookah with flavored tobacco and admire the fiery belly dancing, which takes a great professional dancer, under the enchanting sounds of Arab music (during Ramadan belly dancing is not executed). You can also participate themselves in the dance program.

In the morning you feed a delicious and hearty breakfast and then drive you back to the “concrete jungle” – a civilization.

Night Safari you will remember a very long time – especially starry night sky, orange-crimson rays of the sunset over the sand dunes, silk golden sands, alluring spirit of adventure, Arabian hospitality, a magical evening in the “heart of the desert.” But you can take away a piece of the memories of the desert with a – unique intricate pattern made with henna on your hand.

Days: every day (day of the tour should be specified on the spot).

Time: in the morning until the next morning.

Duration of the tour: whole day.

Guide: Arabic/English speaking.

Approximate cost: for adults – about 110-123 dollars for children – about 60-63 dollars (under 12 years).

Minimum quantity for safari – 4 people.

Transfer from your hotel and back, lunch, dinner and breakfast included in the price. Dress up the best-fitting closed clothes and comfortable shoes. It is advisable to take a glass sunglasses. On his head put on a straw hat or scarf to tie Arabic. Since the night in the desert is cool, take any warm clothes. Should definitely take a camera or camcorder, as you will visit many interesting and amazing places. It is not recommended to take with young children and older children night safari will give a lot of positive and unforgettable experience. It is advisable to book a tour in advance. All tourists with heart disease, diseases of the back and neck safari is not recommended.

Schedule, routes and prices excursions may vary depending on the operators that organize tours.


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