Excursion. Diving with sharks


diving-s-akulami-6.thumbDiving with sharks – a unique opportunity to make the most exciting and unforgettable adventure in your life. Feeling after a dive can not be transferred or put into words, is necessary to test yourself, and feel the incredible adrenaline rush. After all, during your stay in a giant aquarium will swim next to the most real marine predator. You can also get acquainted with other marine life aquarium.


This underwater zoo and the largest aquarium in the world located in a popular shopping center Dubai Mall. In Dubai Aquarium has about thirty-three thousand sea inhabitants. Aquarium, which amounts to ten million liters of water, became the place for several species of sharks, including a sand shark and basking shark.

Days of the tour: every day (day of the tour should be specified on the spot).

Time: morning or afternoon.

Duration: about 40-50 minutes.

Approximate cost: for adults – about $ 400 per dive.

Make extreme dive with sharks dangerous to the aquarium can be anyone adult. Diving with sharks is suitable to all lovers of thrills. PADI certified divers can dive without preparation, and fearless newcomers will have to undergo a short training course. Dive into an aquarium takes place under the strict control of trained personnel.

Schedule, routes and prices excursions may vary depending on the operators that organize tours.


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