Mountain Safari


gornoe-safari-hatta-1.thumbMountain safari will give you a unique opportunity to take a ride on the powerful jeep wadis, which are drying up rivers. You can enjoy an unusually beautiful waterfalls and breathtaking views of the Hajjar Mountains. Everyone will be able to make a dizzying jumps from a height of three to eight meters into the canyon. Mountain safari will be interesting to all lovers of local exotics. All fans of extreme sports are also encouraged to go to the mountain safari. Once in the mountains, you can not miss the opportunity to swim in the clear mountain streams and reservoirs, which are surrounded by palm trees and reeds.
You will visit the picturesque ethnographic museum Hatta, where he got acquainted with the history and the past of the territory of the Emirates.

Hatta – this is one of the oldest settlements in the United Arab Emirates, whose history dates back almost three thousand years ago. Now here is a traditional Arab village with a few houses, mosques and forts. Settlement more than two hundred years. Here preserved ancient Juma Mosque (built in 1780). The main occupations of local people – a folk crafts. Hatta gladly accepts all the tourists who wish to get to know the historical past of the UAE. This is one big museum, which is located directly under the open sky, where the traditional feast for the eyes interesting displays. It opened its doors in February 2001 for everyone to look into the historical past of the UAE. The museum plays a great folk music during the tour. Everybody can pouchavstvovat in competitions in local traditional sports.

Particular attention should be the main attraction – the old fort with high observation tower located opposite the Heritage Village Hatta. Fort and its numerous fortifications in ancient times served as a diplomatic center. You will be able to walk on mezhlisu, where once upon a time is taken after and entire delegation, to decide all questions related to the political life of the country. There were important negotiations kings with their opponents and allies. Available for viewing by tourists huge chambers governor with a luxurious interior. For huge walls is a courtyard.
You can also visit the museum, which is devoted to military affairs of the Arabs. It majestically adorn the entire collection of firearms and bladed weapons on the stone walls – it’s sabers, swords, daggers, rifles and pistols. To examine in more detail the local history, you will be given the opportunity to meet with video and photos, in which there is information about other forts and fortresses.

Modern Hatta – about thirty small houses in the foothills. As conceived by the restorers are arranged in such a way as to display fully the true face of the old Arab village. Traditional house («Traditional House») – this building, which is a special special room – medzhlist in which the host received his guests – men only. Women according to Islamic rules entrance is strictly prohibited. They took care of the guests, served them drinks and meals. The house is attached zareb – a place where they kept livestock (sheep and cattle). Master at recreating this house does not miss any important detail. Having been here, you have the feeling as if you are transported briefly in antiquity. On all sides you will envelop the historic atmosphere and you really begin to feel and understand the way of life of the ancient Arabs.

Fans of this music should visit the House of folklore («Folklore House»), where great singing Bedouins. You immerse yourself in the world of epic tales and Bedouins. You will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the popular Arabic songs with the help of video and audio recordings.
Anyone who wants to learn more about the structure of social life Bedouin should visit the House of social traditions («Social Living House»). Ancient atmosphere completely immerse you into the ancient era. Arab men portrayed dressed in festive attire dummies who sit and “lead” a leisurely conversation. Visitors show a video in which the social system is displayed in the ancient Bedouin and their social life. In the other rooms you can see photos depicting the life of the Bedouins in the distant past, their traditions and their modern life.

The biggest house – a house of traditional crafts («House of Traditional Handicrafts»). It is located away from the village of Hatta near the observation tower of the ancient fort. Visitors can admire the wrought iron and pottery, ceramics, local made and hand-painted fabrics, find natural cosmetics from a variety of herbs and medicinal drugs. A variety of tools with which was made all this incredible beauty, and tools work well represented at the exhibition.

Visits to historical sites and museums, as a rule, absolutely free.
All the museums are open from Saturday to Thursday from 8 to 20 hours. Friday – from 13 to 20 hours, and in Ramadan – from Saturday to Thursday from 9 am to 17 pm. Friday – from 14 to 20 hours.

On the territory of Heritage Village Hatta often hold fairs. This is a paradise for lovers of handicrafts and souvenirs. Here you can buy products of traditional Arabian art.
If podgadat, you can visit Hutt during national festivals.

Days: every day (day of the tour should be specified on the spot).
Time: from 10:00 to 18:00 or 19:00.
Duration of the tour: about 7-8 hours.
Guide: English speaking.

Minimum quantity for safari – 4 people.
Approximate cost: for adults – about $ 110, for children – about $ 85 (up to 12 years).

Transfer from your hotel and back, dinner at a five-star hotel «Hatta Fort» included in the price. At the request of the restaurant during dinner, leave a little extra money, although a tip in the UAE give is not accepted. Dress up the best-fitting closed clothes and comfortable shoes. It is advisable to take a glass sunglasses. On his head put on a straw hat or scarf to tie Arabic. Should definitely take a camera or camcorder, as you will visit many interesting and amazing places. With a must to take a mobile phone that will gain if you become separated from the tour or get lost. If you want to swim in a waterfall or river, you should definitely not forget a swimsuit and towel. Young children to take with it is not recommended, and older children mountain safari will give a lot of positive and unforgettable experience. It is advisable to book a tour in advance.

Schedule, routes and prices excursions may vary depending on the operators that organize tours.


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