Parachute jump


pryzhki-s-parashjutom-1.thumbSkydiving is perfect for fans of extreme sports and outdoor activities. You want to prove to everyone around and imagine that you are able to make a parachute jump? You want to experience the feeling of victory over his fear? Then jump from a height of about 4 thousand meters on a special parachute exactly what you need! Feelings during and after the jump is impossible to convey in words. It must feel himself.

You will 50-60 seconds unreal free fall at a speed of about 200 km / h, then the free exciting guy on a parachute and after – landing. Impressions of such a flight with a parachute you will remember for a lifetime.

You can make a parachute jump alone or together with an experienced instructor. You can also get a real international certificate parachutist, if you go a little training. As a rule, during training flights jumping is a small triple plane. One such flight lasts about 30 minutes.

Days: every day (day of the week should be specified to provide on-site).

Time: any. The club is open from 09.00 to 17.30.

Duration: depends on you.

Approximate cost: for adults – about 230-270 dollars.

This tour can be performed from any city of the United Arab Emirates. Possible unique video and photography of your jump – about 70 dollars. All you need to jump, will be given at the flying club.

Schedule, routes and prices excursions may vary depending on the operators that organize tours.


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