Jeep safari in the desert


jeep-safari-dubai-1.thumbJeep Safari will give you a wonderful opportunity to see the unique features and the most interesting places in the Arabian desert, to become better acquainted with the inhabitants of the desert, an unforgettable thrill of riding a powerful jeeps.

Jeep safari in the UAE and the famous African safari – completely different. Tourists visiting the United Arab Emirates Arabian desert expanse with its golden sand dunes, extreme driving, and national customs.

It is recommended to go on a tour by jeep to all lovers of thrills. Speed jeeps sometimes reaches 100 km / h. Machines with such speed can move down from the high dunes of the desert, which is very diverse.

All tour groups accompanied by an experienced guide and a caravan of jeeps. Their number in the winter can reach thirty machines, and in the summer – from seven to twelve.

In the UAE Desert is perceived as a living organism. It is unique and different, like the ocean, or taiga. In the Arabian desert is very soft sand, where you can sit or lie down. Desert – a lot of different and unlike dunes. They can be steep and a smooth, high and low.

During the tour there will be relatively quiet ride and fast descents with sand dunes. You will be able to experience an absolutely amazing experience. Jeep can go down not only the usual standard way for a car, but also sideways. With such a descent rise sand storms, and it seems that part of the jeep road skid. But much depends on the driver. This tour is accompanied by experienced drivers who have the necessary skills and agility to make your trip by jeep safe, exciting and quite extreme. We drive 4×4 jeep excursion. Racing jeep like all fans of extreme sports. Anyone will be able to ride on special skiing on sand dunes. Red dunes, located on the road to Hatta, considered the best place to do this. You can also ride on the ATV, which can be rented during the tour. You will see the competitions that take place in cars among the local population.

The first stop of the tour around the mountains Hatta, where there are shops with interesting souvenirs and products. Then, after a quick and very extreme ride on the sand dunes, jeeps do Stops on a sandy plateau. From there, offering stunning views of the desert. It is necessary to make memorable photos and enjoy the magnificent views.

Next stop Al Badayer, where you will visit the camels grazing. You can take a picture on a camel and treat him with something. Camel will take about two to three minutes. It is necessary to hold tight, because the camel can quite suddenly and sharply to sit down and get up. There you can see hawks, peacocks and ostriches.

Is also provided during the excursion trip to Wadi – a bed drying up of rivers, which are filled with water during the rainy season. But even in summer something – at the bottom where you can find a bit of life-giving water. After the winter rains flood waters rushing from the mountains of Jabal al-Hajar. A trip to Wadi very popular, as this place is very beautiful and dangerous. In punched water rocks can be seen overgrown with reeds small lakes. But self-drive on Wadi very dangerous.

At the end of the tour you will be offered rest in a tent in the middle of the desert broken Bedouin camp. In the tent offers a traditional Arabic atmosphere of cordiality and hospitality. There you can sample delicious national Arab dishes – fried Hamur, baked Samus, biryani rice, Arabic tea or coffee, snacks. At this point, you can already enjoy the incredibly beautiful sunset in the desert. Later, you will be offered a hookah. Evening predestination small program. Dancer perform a professional belly dance (during Ramadan is not executed). Sometimes you can see the features of training falcons.

Days: every day (day of the tour should be specified on the spot).

Time: 15:00 to 21:00.

Duration of the tour: half a day.

Guide: English speaking.

Approximate cost: for adults – about 65-75 dollars for children – about $ 45 (up to 12 years).

Dinner is included in the price. Dress code – preferably closed fitting clothes. It is also desirable to have with dark glasses with lenses. Put on the head of the Arab scarf or a straw hat. If the Jeep Safari takes place in the winter months, the evening can be cool, so you need to bring any warm jacket or sweater. Be sure to bring your camera to take photos for memory. This tour mostly designed for adults and children quite distinct. Pensioners, it may seem tedious and difficult. Sent to the Jeep Safari to be those who are not afraid of extreme drive.


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