Jumana Show


jumana-show-4.thumbJumana Show – this is a brilliant stage production, which shows the rich culture and history as the peoples of the Middle East and Gulf countries. The basis of representation is an old Arab legend, which tells how in the far-distant past, a dying king Osman decided to leave his sons Prince Omar and Prince Sahara its status and a magic pearl, a symbol of power and wisdom.

Prince Sugar covered irresistible lust for power over the world and a great zeal for the beloved Prince Omar Princess Leila, so committing brutal fratricide, captures the princess hostage and steals the magic pearl. Time comes the dark forces, but evil will reign for long. From heaven descends fairy Jumana – a mysterious spirit of the desert, which resurrects Prince Omar. In the final battle taking place at daggers Prince Omar wins his brother and the dark forces. Completed submission victory celebration and universal jubilant dance. Magical atmosphere of the show gives a voice of a famous actor Omar Sharif, the extraordinary music of Jean Musso and excellent ballet performances of actors who have worked with the famous Milan theater troupes “La Scala” and the New York theater “Opera House”.

Presentation held at the amphitheater on the stage, which is set on a large lake, containing about 10 million liters of water. Size scene meets all international standards theatrical stage. In the representation used in a wide variety of modern theater technology – laser and water effects. Francois Montel – pyrotechnic designer who lit up the Eiffel Tower at the time of the arrival of the millennium, and created stunning visual effects at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, is the creator of this fantastic pyrotechnic show. Fireworks are an integral part of this exciting presentation. The show is attended by about 60 dancers and acrobats from different countries – Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, France. Also in the presentation you will see camels and horses. A pleasant evening and an unforgettable experience will provide you with beautiful scenery and colorful dancing fountains.

You can also dine before the show in the Arab traditional restaurant, try the delicious lamb chops, local sausages, succulent veal, appetizers, salads and, of course, oriental sweets.

Venue Jumana Show stylized desert unique complex in the heart of Dubai, Al Sahra Desert Resort. In this eco-resort’s all done so that you can feel in this desert. This vaulted structure, and works of applied art, and covered with clay traditional columns, and restaurants and cafes Arabian cuisine surrounded by native flora and fauna, as well as farm Bedouin camel, horse stables and date palms.

Days: Tuesday to Saturday.

Time: evening. The show at 21:00.

The duration of the show: about 65 minutes.

Duration of the tour: about 3 hours.

Approximate cost: for adults – about 100-110 dollars for children – about 80-90 dollars (under 12 years).

Dress code – preferably elegant. To get to the show, you should book your tickets in advance.

Schedule, routes and prices excursions may vary depending on the operators that organize tours.