Deep Sea Fishing


glubokovodnaja-rybalka-13.thumbDeep sea fishing – one of the most interesting and exciting entertainment in the United Arab Emirates, as well as the traditional occupation of the local population. Zahatyvayuschee you make a trip to the cozy comfort of a boat on the waters of the Persian Gulf, accompanied by highly professional and experienced team. You can choose your own time for fishing – morning or evening. No matter you are an amateur or a professional in such matters as fishing, on this tour you will remain the most memorable and pleasant experience and it is unlikely you will be without a rich fish catch. You can try to catch fish weighing up to 50 kg and, of course, to capture it on camera. At your request, a professional cook caught catch for you.

In the warm waters of the Gulf inhabits a huge variety of fish. For example, fish Hamur (sea bass), is a delicacy, is considered one of the tastiest fish in the UAE and there is a menu of almost every Arab restaurants (fish in the Emirates is traditionally prepared exclusively on charcoal). It is best to catch it on the classic trolling at a speed of about 4-5 knots, bait – lures white with a gold head, red or blue color. The main advantage over other bait wobbler – zatsepistost its high and stable performance in the water.

You can also catch tuna, which is highly valued in the world. Prize will be present for the fisherman conditionality barracuda (its other name – pike salty seas) or shark, which is quite often during such fish are caught by tourists. Catch barracuda best when trolling (large 3 kg or more) at the bottom fishing – up to 1 kilogram (much depends on the gear). Shark bite well in the morning, so in the evening on a piece of squid or fish. If there is a cleaning fish in the sea, then it arrives at the smell of blood and can catch 2-3 akulki for 10-20 minutes.

In the waters of the Persian Gulf fishing season begins in October and ends in May. At this time, the water in the Gulf is relatively cool and the water just teeming with small marine life, so these places transformed into a “hunting ground” for the larger of its inhabitants. Weight of single specimens caught fish can be more than 50 kg. In the waters of the Gulf are found stone bass, barracuda, tuna, sailfish, fish, sardines, mackerel, anchovies, marlin, pike, red mullet (Sultan Ibrahim), bream, king fish, sharks and many others.

You can choose any of the methods for fishing – bottom fishing or trolling.

Bottom fishing is more suitable for anglers who love the excitement that like to feel in his hands as the fish moves when she gets on the hook. The boat drops anchor, and you can chat with the board to fish, it should be hard to keep a fishing rod in his hands. If you managed to get to a good fishing spot, the biting will be such that you and can not imagine. You do not have time to throw the hook with bait and sinker, as will be biting and here it is necessary to respond quickly. If just a little pause, predatory barracuda eat your prey, and then you will fish head with giblets or completely empty hooks.

Trolling – is fishing on the really big fish. Now the real trolling – a high-tech equipment: modern comfortable boat with a powerful engine, with navigators and echo sounders, with holders for installation of several rods, special equipment used to control the bait in the water – for their burial for their removal from the boat, and of course themselves lures that target catch big fish. The boat is equipped with all necessary special trolling equipment necessary to catch fish from 90 cm or more. Usually trolling fishing you can catch fish such as sharks, barracuda and other large fish. Baits are most commonly used artificial, at least – natural (fish special snastochke).

Self-fishing in the Gulf need an official license. But for tourists who rent boats at sea clubs or clubs at hotels is not a problem, since there is a boat captain license. Fishing boat sailed a few miles from the coast.

Days of the tour: every day.

Time: 06.00-10.00 14.00-18.00 or (depending on the organizer of the tour, you must specify on the spot).

Duration of fishing: about 4 hours. On request and at an additional charge it can be extended.

Approximate cost: about 450-650 dollars for 4 people, about $ 850 for 6 people.

The price includes: transfer from your hotel and back, refreshments, lunch and all the necessary equipment for fishing. A passport – is necessary. It is desirable such a tour booked in advance.

Schedule, routes and prices excursions may vary depending on the operators that organize tours.


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