Moroccan Bath


marokkanskie-bani-15.thumbMoroccan bath will give you unforgettable pleasure and bliss, a wonderful sense of revival! Visiting a bath, you can get a whole range of recreational and restorative procedures that will result in excellent condition not only your body, but also clean up your spirit. Even the wife of the local sheikhs attending Moroccan bath.

Moroccan bath or otherwise hammam, which translated from Arabic means “warm” or “heat.” Known worldwide hammam steam baths belong to. He owes its appearance to Roman baths, so many recalls them, but at the same time has its own distinctive features. Many experts believe that the Moroccan bath has a most beneficial effect on human health, allowing clear skin the most effective manner. Moroccan bath climate is very gentle, soft, so it can go to absolutely everything: women and children, the elderly without any harm and risk to their health. After a bath opens the pores, the skin begins to breathe a lot better, from the well-steamed body displayed many toxins, leaving excess fluid from the body. Thanks to a comfortable temperature and gentle set of effective cosmetic procedures Moroccan baths are very popular among women. Temperature reaches 40-50 C here, almost like in terms, but relative humidity below – from 5 to 20%. Therefore, in the hammam always easy to breathe, especially in comparison with the Russian bath or sauna.

Be sure to note the basic useful properties of the Moroccan bath:

– Open pores, skin is cleansed away fatigue;

– The whole body is cleansed of toxins and impurities;

– Returns to normal respiratory system, are in pain;

– Bounces back system to cleanse the body;

– Passes insomnia;

– Reduced heat and cold passes;

– Has beneficial effects on the digestive system of the body. Perhaps when correctly chosen mode hammam lead weight back to normal.

Moroccan bath – this is truly a special ritual that begins in the steam room, where your body is in turn applied to a special mask of herbs, special Moroccan natural soap based on olive oil, prepared according to ancient Moroccan recipes. Under the influence of steam opens the pores, the skin begins to breathe, soften dry skin. Then the real Moroccan – Specialist of the highest class, begin to massage, body scrub special lifoy. Followed by wiping with aromatic oils. This gentle massage will help achieve total relaxation, to forget all your troubles, worries and problems. Miraculous face mask and mask for hair of any length, after which the hair will be silky and manageable, complete the procedure. On request, you will have a range of additional services, which include manicures, pedicures, additional massage, mask, eyebrow correction, cut and style master professional painting and palms of the hands with henna and more.

After the completion of the procedures you will be taken in a tea room, which will amaze you with its beauty, its furniture and furnishings located therein, made of natural materials. Also here there are light fixtures that are made of gold alloy. They are thin and delicate, so exude the same thin streams of golden light to create a comfortable and cozy environment. You can relax with a cup of delicious tea or coffee, the quality of which you will appreciate.

Moroccan bath is useful to everyone, without exception, it has no contraindications. You feel after a bath will be just fine. In addition, it is also a great way to relax the muscles of the body after prolonged exercise, gymnastics or other sports. During his stay in the hammam, you can feel the time is slow, and gentle heat wave a magic heals  your body, skin, feeling thoughts … And as a result you will have the feeling of flying and extraordinary lightness throughout the body. At the entrance you throw off not only clothes, but also all the problems and all the turmoil weekdays. You will dive into the special atmosphere of the Moroccan bath, relax your body and soul, your skin will become soft and silky. You improve your health and get from visiting a bathhouse with what incomparable pleasure!

Days of the tour: every day.

Time: in the morning (depending on the tour organizer and venue).

Duration of the tour: about 3-5 hours.

Approximate cost: 180-250 dollars.

The tour price includes access to the hot tub, two swimming pools (pool cooling – with sea water, warm – fresh water), nice beach, gym and relaxation room on the territory of the cabin. It is necessary to have a swimsuit.

In Moroccan bath you will be transferred to a special comfortable car with air conditioning and bring back to the hotel.

Schedule, routes and prices excursions may vary depending on the operators that organize tours.