Visit to the stables


poseshhenie-konjushen-4.thumbA visit to the stables – a great opportunity to see the purebred Arabian horses and watch the exclusive horses sheikhs of Dubai. The tour starts early in the morning, you will make a fascinating trip in Dubai riding club. You will be accompanied by an experienced guide the club. You can not only enjoy the beautiful animals, but also be able to ride on top of them. For the youngest visitors there are wonderful horses ponies. Throughout the walk, you will learn a lot of new, interesting and surprising about training and proper care not only for the Arab horses, but the horses and other beautiful purebred breeds of horses for show jumping, pony, which is used to play polo. After walking for you to cook a delicious breakfast in the highest category, which will lay out on the terrace overlooking the main field where the play polo. At this time usually passes exciting scrimmage game. Before the actual return to the hotel, you can feel the atmosphere of beauty and luxury in Dubai Club building, which was built in the style of this “Spanish hacienda” (a traditional home-ranch Mexicans). For the first time the club opened its doors to visitors in 2006.

You will visit the prestigious modern Dubai Polo Club and Equestrian Sports (Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club), in which the atmosphere of elegance and purity simply mesmerizing. The club is proud that features 336 is air-conditioned stables for horses, has a field of world-class equestrian trials, 3 golf polo, in which there are international competitions. Our tour starts early in the morning with what you observe the process of withdrawal of purebred Arabian horses. Then you should get acquainted with all the interior space unique stables that are designed to care for the animals – a Hall for feeding, cleaning and forging, also has an anvil.

Days of the tour: every day (day excursions should be specified on the spot).

Time: early in the morning (depending on the tour organizer).

Duration of the tour: half day or full day.

Approximate cost: for adults – about $ 130, for children – about $ 100 (up to 12 years).

This tour is recommended for both adults and children. Breakfast is included in the price. Dress code – comfortable casual.

Schedule, routes and prices excursions may vary depending on the operators that organize tours.


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