What difficulties can arise when starting a business in Dubai?


Many future owners of new businesses are faced with problems such as:

Can not determine the choice of the type of company. Also can not understand what the company for their business will be the most profitable.
Necessary documentation can take a very long time. All formalities must be respected.
Choosing the Right Bank.
During registration a resident visa ask a lot of questions.

Business in Dubai necessarily presuppose the existence of partnership

How to open a bank account in Dubai for the company?

It is possible to open a bank account for the new company, but this is only possible if there are some limitations. For example, check book you will not be given, as you will not receive credit. As for the other actions, the UAE resident can enjoy an equal footing with the residents of the UAE.

Account will be opened, if you also submit all necessary documents on the company that you have opened or will open. To open an account offshore company is only possible under the following conditions:

Availability of appropriate certification of constituent documents of the consulate Arab Emirates.
Representation of all registered documents to the firm;


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