Top 7 places for shopping in Dubai


Top 7 places for shopping in Dubai



Dubai is not just known for its glitzy skyscrapers and haute couture but is world famous for its opulent malls and excellent shopping areas as well. You can shop for the latest brands at the ultra-modern mega-malls or bargain to your heart’s content at the traditional Arabic souks, or one of those Middle Eastern handicrafts at roadside pavements. Whether you are looking for designer labels and luxury items or hunting for clothes, carpets and rugs with the small shop owners, you are sure to get it here in Dubai.The land built on sand has everything under the sun to satisfy every kind of shopper out there.

Read on for the top seven locations to pick from when you shop in Dubai.

  1. The Dubai Mall
    This should be on the top of your list. The Dubai Mall is the ultimate leisure and entertainment destination for any shopaholic. It boasts of the world’s biggest brands and houses more than 1,200 stores. Get plenty of funat the Dubai Aquarium or head for KidZania and the ice rink with your family. The vast food court caters to all whims and tastes looking for different cuisine.
  2. The Souks
    If you come to Dubai, dreaming of those Arabian Nights, you will not get disappointed as there is plenty to explore in the gold and spice souks on the Deira side. Discover the rich Arabic heritage in an ultra-modern city and explore thetraditional markets in the old souks. Get enveloped in the clouds of thescent of spices. Walk through the alleys to reach the Dubai Gold Souk selling gold jewelry to gold bars at some of the best bargains in the world.
  3. Karama Shopping Center
    If shopping for souvenirs and gifts to take back, then the Karama Shopping Centre makes for a much reasonable choice as compared to the expensive malls. Buy designer clothing and handicrafts, imitation watches and souvenirs from the regionat the shopping center bustling with shops.
  4. Mall of the Emirates
    The Mall of the Emirateis considered the ultimate leisure and luxury destination for shoppers. It is strategically located along the Dubai Metro line and boasts of over 520 international brands. Shopping, fun, and entertainment at the Magic Planet family entertainment area can keep you busy for hours!
  5. Al Fahidi Street
    Electronics are much cheaper here as Dubai is a tax-free country. Visit the Al Fahidi Street that is a paradise for those looking for new technologies and electronics. Buy washing machines, ovens, refrigerators, computers, laptops, cameras and other electronic items. Do not forget tocheck voltage requirements and ask for an international warranty.
  6. Global Village
    The Global Village attracts visitors with the shopping festival that goes on during November tillFebruary. The carnival-like atmosphere of the colorful festival features pavilions from all across the world. There are artifacts and items from a particular country in each pavilion.

Meena Bazaar
Meena Bazaar is famous forexquisite fabrics and lies near Al Fahidi Museum, Bur Dubai. Here, you will come across fabrics and materials in everypossibletexture, hue, and colors. You will find no reason to get disappointed and will remain spoilt for choices here.


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