Do you Want to Ski in The desert?


Do you Want to Ski in The desert?


Not content with temperature-controlled beaches, seven-star hotels and a man made archipelago, the sun-baked emirate of Dubai had decided to introduce Alpine weather into the desert. Ski Dubai in Dubai Emirates Mall started in December 2005 is the worlds third largest indoor ski slope, which covers an amazing 22,500 square meters covered with real snow all year round. Ski Dubai resort is the first Dubai indoor ski slope to open.

“Snow in the desert is such a unique experience for locals who have never seen snow,” said Ski Dubai’s chief executive, Phil Taylor.

Snow is made using a simple procedure similar to how snow is artificially made at outdoor ski resorts. Pure water, with no chemicals added, is put through a chiller to cool. It is then sent through pipes to the snow guns which are on the ceiling. When the cooled water is blown out into a freezing cold environment it crystallizes and makes snow. The temperature during the time when snow is made is -7c to -8c. The final product is real snow, as if it came from nature!

The Ski Dubai facility is specially designed as a massive cold box. The walls have numerous levels of insulation and the roof is 5 meters higher than the ceiling providing very efficient insulation. This makes Ski Dubai one of the best refrigerators in the world! There are 23 blast coolers (air conditioner type machines) that chill the air and maintain a temperature of -1c during operating hours. There are also kilometers of glycol tubing running through the floor (similar to the back of your refrigerator) that chills the snow keeping the base of the snow solid and 30 tons of fresh snow is made daily to cover the base.

In Ski Dubai the safety and comfort of all guests is of prime importance. Guests are advised to intimate themselves with the rules and regulations of the resort and stick to them all the time. The guests and the staffs are shown proper respect and conduct. Proper conduct and respect for other guests and staff is expected from the guests too. Ski Dubai draws innumerable guests the year round. Ski Dubai in UAE is an integral part of Sport and Recreation in Dubai.

Not only breathtaking Dubai property, but also Ski Dubai has caught the imagination of the world, and it has attracted a lot of media coverage. And yet there are plenty of other snowdromes around the world and the technique of creating a sub-zero environment isn’t revolutionary. Really, it’s just a giant refrigerator. But the attraction here is the contrast between the sweltering outside temperature and normal temperature inside!

The Ski Dubai attraction in Dubai is another one of the Sheikhs attempts to get Dubai on the map as being one of the top tourists and investing areas in the world. A ski slope in Dubai is unbelievable but yet a reality. It makes Dubai a place that has everything to offer. The Dubai ski dome will also ultimately come in Dubai’s favor for when they will make a bid for the Olympics because no one can now object that due to Dubai’s climate there is no snow there!


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