Dubai future

Dubai Aerial View Waterways
Dubai Aerial View Waterways

Dubai future

What is the future of Dubai? what will happen to Dubai now? what will be the future of Dubai? What is the future hiding for Dubai?

Dubai Future

Some questions that come on people’s mind after the economic crises that happened to Dubai recently, many people think that this is normal after the overspending policies followed by the country long time ago without using effective financial risk management to prevent what has happened recently

Others just think that this is normal and that Dubai as many other places has faced some economic problems but yet they agree and believe that Dubai will be able to fight back and come stronger than before.

However both sides agreed that Dubai government will stop or at least reduce the over investing in the properties sector in the short term and that they will put in effect more restrictions and implement more risk management tools!

The government has currently put on hold and freezed many investment projects and may have to sell some of the assets to pay the bailout and to control Dubai future, the stock markets all around the world was temporarily affected with the news as well!

However none knows what is the future is hiding for Dubai!



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