Dubai Weather


Dubai Weather


Weather in Dubai

The weather in Dubai can be briefly described as hot and humid, however the summer is really very hot as temperature may reach 48 °C some days and with humidity it even feels more than that.

Summer time, months of June till September it is always advised not to stay outdoor for long time during the day which may get up to 11 hours in such period, If you are planning to go there during this time to benefit from the off-season period low prices, don’t forget to bring your hat, your sun block creams and of course your sunglasses and drink lots of water to prevent heatstroke and sunburn!

Normally at night the temperature drops down, but the humidity may kick up as well, I remember one day we were playing soccer outdoor in summer at night and one of the guys suddenly lost conscious while playing and  we were all shocked, later on we knew that he was in short of oxygen as he was not used to humidity, so playing or doing outdoors at night in summer is good but still you have to take it easy and listen to your body, not everyone is used to such high humidity that gets sometime up to 90% and always always keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water!

During the winter, the weather is amazing in Dubai, however this is the season peak so prices tend to go very high, but it may be worth it if you want to discover the beauty of Dubai while enjoying the beautiful weather in such period, during winter months ranging from December to March the temperature during the day may range between 23 to 30 and during the night between 7 to 22.

Generally speaking there is no rain season in Dubai but sometimes it may rain during the months of January or February but it would be a very light rain comparing to the UK per example!

Here is Dubai weather monthly average temperature:


Month High Low
January 22°C 14°C
February 24°C 15°C
March 27°C 17°C
April 32°C 21°C
May 36°C 24°C
June 45°C 33°C
July 46°C 36°C
August 45°C 34°C
September 44°C 32°C
October 39°C 29°C
November 36°C 25°C
December 25°C 16°C



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