How to find a job in Dubai

Dubai Aerial View
Dubai Aerial View

How to find a job in Dubai

How to find a job in Dubai? is a question asked by many people who are interested in living and working in Dubai and they wonder what is the process to hunt for a job in Dubai?

While there is no specific process or a written one but most of the people try to apply for jobs in Dubai from their home country, if you have good talents and high level CV and if you are working in the managerial level this way is mainly good for you but for other people luck may play his role and they can still get a job phone interview if the employer is really interested!

Other people try to go to work offices and recruitment agencies in their home country and try to find a job in Dubai with their help and from what I have seen this process has lots of problems as the recruitment agencies ask the employee to pay them a commission fee of some kind of fees or percentage of their salary for several months! I really don’t understand why would they use an employee in a bad way like this ,in many other cases they have hidden the real work circumstances so that the employee sign the contract and then get shocked once arrived to his post in Dubai! So please take your precautions before signing any kind of documents you don’t want to leave your family waste your money and time and regret that later!

Other people go directly to Dubai on visit visa and they stay there job hunting for two months the duration of their visa and they can even renew it for one more month while paying an additional fee so the challenge is to find a job and support yourself for those 3 months while job hunting! You may try to stay at one of your relatives ,friends or even rent a shared accommodation and save as much as you can till you find a job.

Once you find a job the employer will help you with the employment visa process ,you may need to exit the country to change your visa status and you may sometimes convert it directly without exiting the country.

Once your employment visa is issued you can apply for residence visa which is normally valid for 3 years but if you leave your employer it gets canceled!

Don’t forget you need to write an updated CV and a good presentation letter and be ready to send your CV online to companies and recruitment agencies and you have to also go and hand a hard copy of your CV to prospective employers in Dubai and recruitment agencies in Dubai free zones like Dubai Internet city and Jebel Ali free Zone.

You can also post your CV for free online here and start applying for jobs now


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