9 essential things to know before visiting Dubai

Desert Camels Dubai
Desert Camels Dubai

My Trip to Dubai

Dubai is affirming its position on the tourist map as one of the most vibrant shopping paradises in the world. However, this Islamic country has some rules and regulations that require a little consideration before they visit. My trip to Dubai as well as yours can be much much better if you understand fully the cultural differences before you visit.

Palm Atlantis Dubai
Palm Atlantis Dubai

Dubai in the top 10 most Visited Cities

Dubai has recently been ranked in the top 10 most visited cities, reached 14 million foreign visitors last year. Moreover, this city also changed many things from” impossible to possible” with impressive records. Being part of a Muslim Country, Dubai has its own rules which will be mentioned below.

  1. Foreigners make up approximately 92% of Dubai’s population

Only 8% of Dubai’s population own Emirati passports. Foreigners coming to Dubai in order to settle and work account for 92%. It is clear to see that there are many multicultural and multinational beach clubs, restaurants, bars in this “worldly city”.

  1. Hot temperature

The climate in Dubai will be a challenge for those visitors coming from a four-season coutry. With desert weather, Dubai is hot all year round and has only a few days of rain. Nonetheless, these high temperatures are an important point of difference and attracts tourists.

My Trip to Dubai
Wonderful Experiences Dubai
  1. Choose an appropriate time to travel

It is the most suitable to make a journey to Dubai from November to April, as this is the most pleasant time in the year. If you intend to go shopping, you should avoid weekends and select December as this is the biggest annual sales events occur.

  1. Choose discreet outfits

Coming to Dubai means dressing discreetly. Men have to wear trousers, while women can wear bikini at the beach ir should not be worn in public, even though they are may be moving from the beach to the hotel.

  1. Do not kiss and hug in public

Wherever you go, it is important to respect local culture. Because Dubai is a Muslim city, every intimate gesture is claimed to be illegal, for example kissing, hugging or even holding hands.

Dubai Shopping Malls
Dubai Shopping Malls
  1. Weekend begin from Thursday to Saturday, working from Sunday

Weekend in Dubai starts from Thursday to Saturday,  so Sunday is the first day of a new working week.

  1. Feel a different Dubai in Ramadan

After Ramandan is the Eid al-Fitr festival, this is when Dubai comes back to life. Tourists can feel the increasing pricing as hotel rooms are normally fully packed with guests. Remember to make a reservation well in advance if you come at this time.

  1. Culinary culture

Shoudl you visit Dubai duringon Ramada Muslim festival, they will experience a quiet peaceful Dubai. However, tourists should also remember that many restaurants will close during the day. Additionally, Dubai’s bustling nightlife will slow down with less crowded spots.

You must not eat with your left hand, it is considered unclean. There is also a local perception that it is polite to leave a little food on your plate after eating. Wine is not prohibited in Dubai. However, if you want to drink, you must go to specified/authorised bars, clubs or restaurants in lieu of public places.

  1. Do not shake hand with Muslim women

Shaking hands with Muslim women is taboo. If you want to greet, let’s put your hand on your left chest and bow slightly in respect.


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